Diamond Wristwatches For Women & Men

Diamond watch cannot become out-of-fashion or tasteless. So, if ladies can buy a luxury diamond timepiece, they can impress others with the shiny diamond timepiece. Today, there is an enormous variety of women’s dress watches available that glisten with diamonds—from subtle accents on the indexes to examples that drip with gems from every surface.

As we know, diamonds and white gold are all the precious materials. The watch (picture above) has both brilliant-cut diamonds and 18k white gold. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica Swiss watch is full of aesthetic and elegant elements. The diameter of 18k white gold cases is 37mm that is suitable for ladies’ slender wrists. The diamond decorations are very eye-catching in the whole image. There are 145 ladder-shaped diamonds decorated on the cases and clasps. And there are 146 delicate diamonds paved on the dial whose total weight is about 3.87 karats. Although its price is a little high,  this diamond watch is very popular with female people.

Diamonds are not just the preserve of the lady’s range. If men are finding out a timepiece with the functional jewelry that will support to dress up clothes, so a diamond watch will be the best choice for them. Nothing conveys status and wealth quite like a diamond,  especially the Rolex diamond watches.

For men, it takes a certain level of confidence to wear a diamond Rolex. Whereas the majority of the brand’s classic designs excel at remaining modest and unobtrusive, diamonds have been the most conspicuous symbol of luxury and status for centuries. Watches adorned with precious stones are for men who want to stand out rather than conform to their environment, and for those who appreciate the very best life has to offer. Arguably one of the most expensive Rolex model to date, this Rolex GMT Master II Mens Diamond Ice parades a white gold case and bracelet crusted with diamonds. The face of the watch is also specked with precious stones and is built with diamond wave dial with dot-hour markers. The glass is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is sold as a limited edition, making it more valuable. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are among the lucky few to own one.

Swiss Watches: Panerai Luminor PAM 00382 Review

panerai replica
panerai replica

This bronze saints PAM 00382 looks from the exterior can be known that it is belonged to Luminor series, unique crown bridge design can be said as classic, and at the same time it is the proof of the Panerai offering its help to the Regia Marina. The dark green dial with bronze material watchcase makes the PAM 00382 attracted by numerous Panerai fans, and it is the first time for the Panerai to adopt the green surface design. Other watch cases are to be clear and bright, and can’t have a scratch, but the PAM 00382 is not the same, with a little bit of rust touch kind ancient flavor is its highlight. And it is not smooth when you touch this watch, there is a little grainy on its surface. It is all of these design that make it different from other wrist watch to become a unique choice. And it is from the original 250 limited set to the official finally 1000 limited set, which also makes it the subject of attention.

This PAM 00382 watch is really a diving watch, it itself belongs to the Luminor submersible series but maybe its waterproof function is not so strong as other diving watches. First of all to say is the classic protector, crown protector can be locked the crown to reduce water entering into the watch. Then what must say is the one-way rotating watch bezel on the watch case, which can effectively record diving, and the watch bezel that can only unidirectional rotate is safe; even by accidently rotating, it also reduced the time remaining, so as to ensure the safety of the wearer.

Finally it has to say that it’s waterproof effect is as deep as 300 m which is enough to give professional divers to wear. The time scale and the pointer on the watch dial have a luminous coating, and the wearers can read time at night or deep water clearly. Or you can check the rolex replica watches for more choices on buying Swiss replica watches online.

Breitling Watches: Reviews on Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel

swiss replica watches
swiss replica watches

How to choose Breitling replica? In order to buy a suitable one for you, you need to know about the watch movement, watch case, watch dial, watch strap etc. here we will recommend some hot sales of the Breitling replica for you!

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel, it is a great Breitling watch featuring Breitling homemade 02 movement with Swiss official certification observatory (COSC), manual winding, each hour 28800 higher frequency, 39 gems bearing, power reserve of more than 70 hours, timing accuracy up to a quarter of the second, equipped with 30 minutes and 12 hours of cumulative timer and Calendar display. For the watch case, it is black steel with the set limit to 1000; Waterproof performance up to 30 m (3 atmospheric pressure); Two-way rotating bezel (annular flight slide rule); curved sapphire table mirror, double-sided anti-dazzle processing; Diameter of 43 mm. and its watch dial is black color and watch strap is black Ocean Racer Ocean race rubber strap (with holes).

Breitling Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel is characterized by Breitling 23 watch movement, 25 gems bearing, power reserve not less than 42 hours, waterproof performance of 200 meters (660 feet / 20 atmospheric pressure), screw-down watch crown, Two-way gear structure rotating bezel (flying ring sliding feet), Diameter of 46 mm, Nero Vulcano watch dial, and its watch Bracelet is Aero Classic aviation black steel braided bracelet. And the other parameters are the same as Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel.

Breitling Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon – Breitling 47B watch movement, 38 gems bearing, 24 hour second time zone display, timing accuracy up to 1/8 of a second, equipped with 30 seconds (pointer), cumulative timer for 15 minutes and 6 hours, world time zone, Waterproof performance of 100 meters (330 feet/three atmospheric pressure), Diameter of 49 mm, royal ebony black watch dial and GMT world time black rubber strap.

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TAG Heuer Releases Formula 1 Chronograph Manchester United Special Edition

From movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio to sports greats like Maria Sharapova, TAG watches can be seen on the arms of celebrities around the world. TAG watches have been featured in many movies and draw their inspiration from classic Hollywood stars and legendary racers. Whether you choose the sporty replica Tag Heuer F1 model or the sleek Aquaracer style, when you purchase a TAG Heuer watch, you will get everything that you expect from a perfect watch. It is a watch that marks people as gearheads and who most of the time are willing to talk about cars.

July last year TAG Heuer and the famous football club Manchester United joined in partnership with a three year agreement, with TAG becoming the official timekeeper of the club. The new Formula 1 Manchester United Special Edition is the first watch to be launched in celebration of the partnership. TAG Heuer has presented a bespoke design of its popular Formula One Chronograph, featuring the club’s illustrious red-and-black colors, as well as the instantly recognizable crest.

This new TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph features a solid case-back with a commemorative engraving of the Manchester United Logo. The case, with its 43 mm in diameter, is mounted on a sporty bi-injection rubber strap, which also references the club’s colors: black and red. The Arabic numeral 12, in red lacquer and located at 12 o’clock, contrasts with the opaline black dial, echoing the colours of Manchester United.  In striking white, the TAG Heuer logo at 12 o’clock and Manchester United logo positioned on the counter at 6 o’clock stand out particularly clearly. The date, meanwhile, is positioned at 4 o’clock on a white disc.  Its 1/10 second red chronograph hand is powered by the quartz chronograph movement, Ronda 5040D, which makes it one of the best value chronographs on the market. Powered by a battery, this is one of the most reliable and accurate Swiss Made movements.Thanks to the screw-down steel crown and case-back, the sporty new TAG Heuer is water resistant to 200 meters.

This chronograph is not just a pleasure to look at, it is also one of the best value watches on the market, with accomplished finishes to honour that most prestigious of clubs, Manchester United.  Notably the Formula 1 model is not a limited edition, a prudent move since Manchester United is one of the world’s most popular football clubs, which means it has legions of members who have a sensible budget when it comes to watches.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on A.Lange&Sohne Moon Phase Watches

quality replica watches
quality replica watches

In the Astronomical calendar and yearbook, when there are two full moons in a month, the second full moon would be given a name full of mystery and romance — BlueMoon. This phenomenon occurs on average once every two and a half years. Most of the mechanical phase watch would need a calibration in this day. In order to make it simple, the time between the two full moon was set to be 29.5 days. In fact, the setting has more 44 minutes and 3 seconds than the original time.

In this regard, Langer’s moon phase watch is revealed to be more precise. Most of the watch reached 99.998% on the accuracy of phase moon. Since 1994, Lange has developed 15 phase moon movement. Today this article is to introduce the Lange’s five beautiful watches that has phase moon function.

Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna” meets a number of benchmarks laid down with Lange’s precision, innovation and design aesthetics. The watch’s patent moon trajectory display describes the changes in the orbital position of the moon relative to the earth and the sun with incomparable precision. It is a true innovation in the field of precision clock manufacturing. We can appreciate the watch’s moon phrase through the sapphire crystal bottom cover. In addition to the the waxing and waning of the moon, it also shows the position of the moon and sun in the Northern Hemisphere. Besides, the dial clearly indicates the days and nights in the Northern Hemisphere.

1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR is the eighth chronograph movement made by Lange. It indicates that Lange reached the peak of perfection art again in the field of precise watchmaking. This watch is elegant and dignified with an orderly layout. It has many complex functions, including rattrapante chronographs, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and energy storage instructions. The small dial in the direction of 6 o’clock, there is a new solid gold moon phase dial, which accurately reflects the lunation cycle.

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Patek Philippe watches: reviews on 53961G-001 and 53961R-001

swiss replica watches
swiss replica watches

This watch is the inheritance of the 5396 watches, therefore, the whole layout of the dial is the same as that of 5396 watches. There are two windows in the position of 12 o’clock. In addition, there are another window and a small dial in the position of 6 o’clock. Gold stereo pointer with peripheral minute scale, perfectly shows the classic simplicity beauty of dots and lines. Although 38mm watchcase accommodate so many elements, it is still not only easy for people to read the scale, but also remain the beauty of appearance.

These two watches both adopt the automatic upper chain mechanical movement. The number of movement is: 324 S QA LU 24H, with the diameter of 32.6mm, the thickness of 5.78mm, 34 gemstones, 10 holddowns, 347 components, Gyromax balance wheel, 28800vph (4HZ) vibration frequency, 45 hours of power storage and the mark of Patek Philippe.

324 S QA LU 24H is relatively complex movement Patek Philippe made movement, which is enough to be illustrated by the thickness of 5.78mm. In order to render side-by-side window display, this movement adopt a complicated clutch mechanism, which makes the accuracy of the adjustment is incomparable. 34 gemstones layer covers the whole movement, which can effectively reduce the wear of key bearings. The 10 holddowns show the complexity of the movement. In general, multiple components require only one piece of holddown. Balance wheel, gear and so on just need a piece of holddown. However, in order to made the connection between various models to be accurate enough, the complexity of functional watches is self-evident. This movement still uses the Gyromax balacen wheel of Patek Philippe’s patents with the trimmer weight. 4HZ vibration frequency is so far the most frequently used. The mark of Patek Philippe is good enough to prove the high quality of this movement.

The functions of these two watches are as follows: calendar, window display of week, date and month, phase of the moon, day and night display, 24 hours play, big center second hand. The function of calendar means the display of date and month. For people with full itinerary, this function is very practical. Window display of week, date and month can help users to easily understand the current date. The day and night display in 5396 watch is not showed either by the sun or moon, or by the black or white, it is indicated by the 24 hours in the small dial.

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The attractive model – Rolex Milgauss lightning Blue

Rolex’s solution was the Rolex Milgauss, created in 1956, the first watch of its kind. The reliability and precision of an ordinary mechanical watch can be affected by a magnetic field of 50 to 100 gauss. But many scientists are exposed too much higher magnetic fields during the course of their work. Rolex uses 904L stainless steel for its steel watch cases. 904L is mainly used in the high technology, aerospace and chemical industries, where maximum resistance to corrosion is essential. A super alloy, 904L is extremely resistant and highly polished. It maintains its beauty even in the harshest environments.

Green sapphire crystal marked a first in watch-making when it was introduced on the Replica Rolexes Milgauss in 2007. Now this crystal is combined with an electric blue dial, an allusion to the emblematic lightning-bolt-shaped seconds hand. The design, development and production of Rolex bracelets and clasps, as well as the stringent tests they face, involve advanced high technology. And, as with all the components of the watch, aesthetic controls by the human eye guarantee impeccable beauty. The Oyster bracelet is a perfect alchemy of form and function. First introduced in the late 1930s, this particularly robust and comfortable metal bracelet with its broad, flat three-piece links remains the most universal bracelet in the Oyster collection.

The first innovation at the heart of the Milgauss’ resistance to magnetic interference is the shield inside the Oyster case. Made of ferromagnetic alloys selected by Rolex, it surrounds and protects the movement. The symbol for magnetic flux density – the capital letter ‘B’ with an arrow – is engraved in this magnetic shield, but only Rolex-certified watchmakers will ever see it. In a mechanical watch, the oscillator is the guardian of time. Conventional oscillator hairsprings are made of ferromagnetic alloys, leaving them vulnerable to magnetic fields, temperature variations and shocks that interfere with their precision. After years of research, Rolex created the blue Parachrom hairspring, which is finer than a human hair.

The Oyster bracelet is a perfect alchemy of form and function, aesthetics and technology. First introduced in the late 1930s, this particularly robust and comfortable metal bracelet with its broad, flat three-piece links remains the most universal bracelet in the OysterCollection.

The Milgauss is equipped with Calibre 3131, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. It incorporates state-of-the-art technologies patented by the brand that ensure exceptional resistance to magnetic fields. Like all Rolex Perpetual movements, the 3131 is a certified Swiss chronometer, a designation reserved for high-precision watches that have successfully passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests. Its architecture, in common with all Oyster watch movements, makes it singularly reliable.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on TAG Heuer Mikrogirder

replica tag heuer
replica tag heuer

The GPHG was ended in Geneva in Nov 15th, 2012. TAG Heuer Mikrogirder won the highest annual award of GPHG — “ Aiguille d’Or”. The award is an honour that the world’s watchmakers have dreamed of. “The award made us wild with joy.” Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, the global president of TAG Heuer said excitedly, “over the past few years, we have achieved grains in the GPHG, but this is the first time, we stand out from many excellent watches, and win the gold award.”

“This award is the biggest affirmation of Tag Heuer!” the president and CEO Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin said, “300 years ago, mechanized revolution pushed the development of mechanical watches, and the born of Mikrogirder today means that we have been completely divorced from the Christian Huygens pendulum which was used by the whole mechanism watch industry for 3 centuries. It is also the sign of a new century of watchmaking technology.”

TAG Heuer Mikrogirder chronograph has a dual frequency system with super high vibration frequency. It is a timing device that abandoned the balance wheel and hairspring in real sense and it can accurately timing to unprecedented 5/10000, 1/2000 seconds. It vibrates 7 million and 20 thousands per hour. It is equipped with a center timing pointer that can go around the watch dial 20 circles during a seconds.

New fine-tuning system: different from traditional way of spiral spring swing, Mikrogirder guarantee the precision through a inter independent dual chain architecture and a linear oscillator. As a mechanism chronograph watch with the highest vibration frequency. In the history, the primary design, research and development and the final production are conducted in the TAG Heuer’s research and development lab in La Chaux-de-Fonds. After the strict testing, the fastest mechanical regulatory system in history would be present in the world.

The outer design  of Mikrogirder is also very unique. Black and gray dial together with the alligator leather watchband reappear the classic elements of CARRERA and vintage Heuer chronograph.

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The Most Fabulous Audemars Piguet Watches For Ladies In 2017

The luxury Swiss Audemars Piguet watches are one of the most unique watches on the market. Though there are a variety of luxury watches available on the market, none will neglect the beauty of Audemars Piguet timepieces. With your Audemars Piguet replica watch, you can easily catch the people’s attention.

Founded in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, this luxury brand produces 36,000 of their prestigious timepieces a year. In fact, Tiffany & Co and Bulgari use this brand’s movements. This luxury watch brand is also noted for creating the first steel luxury sports watch. This was dubbed the Royal Oak in 1972. Later, in 1993, the brand created the first oversized watch named the Royal Oak Offshore. The octagonal bezel has been the classic design of Audemars Piguet. Of course, such unique shape of bezel and style are enough to make this brand popular. And these Audemars Piguet watches also has proven to be both elegant and eye-catching. High quality Audemars Piguet replica watches mirror the great features of Audemars Piguet to present the best aesthetics of time to you. How can you resist the aesthetics on your wrist. So just go for it!

SIHH 2017 truly bestowed watch lovers with a long list of most impressive watches. And Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold is one of the most impressive watches at SIHH 2017. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak collection for women. Forty years ago, watch designer Jacqueline Dimier introduced a strong yet slimmed down reinterpretation of Gérald Genta’s original design for women. In 2017, Audemars Piguet introduces a fresh take on the classic Royal Oak collection for women in collaboration with Florentine jeweler Carolina Bucci.

I can not help myself looking at this 37 mm AP watch in 18-karat pink gold. The defining feature of this watch is its shimmer, which comes from a process rooted in ancient gold hammering, known as the Florentine technique. Beating the gold with a diamond tipped tool creates tiny indentations on the surface, giving a sparkle effect similar to that of precious stones, like diamond dust. Movement is provided by a Swiss automatic Audemars-Piguet in-house caliber 3120, with 40 jewels, 21,600 vph and a power reserve of 60 hours, but the 33 mm version makes use of the Swiss quartz caliber 2713 with 7 jewels. Each version is offered in both 18-karat white or pink gold.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

About a year ago exactly, Hublot debuted their very first Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire watch (hands-on here). It was and, I believe, still is the most affordable high-end sapphire-cased watch around – at least for its level of complexity – with a price of about $58,000. It was followed up by a black “smoked” version called the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire All Black (hands-on here). Today, Hublot releases a brand new sapphire crystal-based Big Bang, and it’s easily my favorite yet with the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

I’m not sure what is “magic” about it, but I can say that it is the sapphire Big Bang I wanted them to make. The first two models were artistic proofs of concept. The initial Hublot Big Bang Sapphire was all about celebrating the transparency of the sapphire crystal case, which extended into the dial, hands, and even strap. The same was true in reverse for the Sapphire All Black model. Now that Hublot is comfortable with people understanding the interesting appeal of a Big Bang watch made with a sapphire crystal case, they are able to make one that is a bit more legible and practical for daily wear. The Hublot Big Bang Magic Sapphire is your standard, easy to read and cool Hublot Big Bang with a black dial and strap, but with the transparent, virtually scratch-proof sapphire case.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

With that said, this is still a limited edition given that the sapphire case is going to cost more than double most of your standard Hublot Big Bang 45 UNICO watches. Sapphire cases still cost more than things like metal or carbon fiber, but it is because of the lengthy and complicated machining process. You also need to get over the fact that enough people complain that it looks like plastic – in pictures, OK, but in reality, it really doesn’t, in my opinion. If an Hublot is supposed to be about celebrating materials, modern machining technology, and also being boldly eye-catching, then this is indeed a success.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

Hublot claims that the “magic” part of the name refers to the duality of the colors, namely the contrast between black and white. Contrast serves watches well because it isn’t just about visual attention, but on dials it is important for legibility. As I said, for me, the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire is a best-of-both-worlds type of product that offers practicality and a sense of “look at me” fun which is part of the Hublot wearing experience.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch is the in-house-made Hublot caliber HUB1242 automatic chronograph movement. The movement has a flyback column-wheel-operated chronograph running at 4Hz with three days of power reserve. You can see the movement and dial in an unprecedented manner given the transparency of the case. Speaking of the case, in standard Big Bang UNICO style, it is 45mm wide and water-resistant to 50 meters for this sapphire version. Attached to the case is a black rubber strap, which can be removed using Hublot’s “One Click” system which works really nicely.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch Watch Releases

Not that I’m currently in the market for a circa $60,000 watch, but if I did have that type of disposable income to spend on a timepiece in the near future it would be awfully hard to not put the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire on a very short list. It’s not a million-dollar-plus Richard Mille sapphire cased watch, and it combines a lot of cool things I like about Hublot together in one very interesting timepiece. In fact, I especially like it since I know it will be polarizing. Limited to 500 pieces, the reference 411.JX.1170.RX Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire has a price of $57,900hublot.com